Tramadol Paypal I was born in a village, and started my career in agricultural cultivation and dairy farming until the 10th grade. Thereafter, I entered the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore and received a degree in Bachelors of Agricultural Sciences. In due course, I developed two Herbal Drinks namely – Anti Ageing supplement which detoxifies the body and Gastro supplement which ensures the proper functioning of the entire gastrointestinal system. Since I held small positions as an Assistant Seed Production officer between 1983 to 1985 and then as an Agricultural Finance Officer between 1985 to 1991, therefore I did not have the right platform to express my research and inventions. After entering the Indian Administrative Service, I started advocating my research to my friend’s and colleagues, and encouraged them to take the Anti Ageing and Gastro Supplement.

Order Tramadol 50Mg Online In 2008, when my father suffered from Acute Renal Failure, I was further ignited to continue my research to produce Herbal supplements and in 2010, when my second son was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer), I went on with my research more aggressively. However, during the course of my sons treatment, both allopathic medicines, diet supplements and the Herbal Drinks were given. In total, I have developed 14 Herbal Drink Supplements.

follow site I can firmly say that there are no health disorders that is incurable, and it is possible to find a solution when looked deeply into the resources that mother nature has to offer.

follow link It is important to understand that in the 21st century, the root cause of many incurable diseases can be directly attributed to human doing. One of the major factors is Deforestation that has led to ecological imbalance and this has in turn played a significant role in the increased toxicity of air and food which we consume by default daily. All of these factors affected in imbalancing in the cellular metabolic activity and the cellular respiratory system in the whole body and also diminishing of the beneficial microbes activity in the Gut, as you know that the group of cells are tissues, and group of tissues are organ, thereby entire 19 organs of the human body get adversely affected. I strongly urge everyone to plant at least one tree on their birth day every year, especially the medicinal valued fruit bearing trees like – Jamun, Arjuna, Amla and Neem. Along with this everyday one should also perform Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Special Thanks

source site I am indebted to Dr. Arun Kumar Thakur, Professor and the Head of Department of Paediatrics (Government Nalanda Medical College Patna India) who guided me as I was conducted my research, and also to Dr DC Katoch Advisor to Ministry of AYUSH GoI and Dr. K S Dhiman Director General Central Council of Research in Ayurveda Ministry of AYUSH who have guided on Ayurveda in holistic approach, and also DR HY Rathod Dy Director AYUSH Government of Karnataka for guiding me in technical aspects of Ayurveda andShri Shripad Naik, Union State Minister (Independent) for AYUSH, Shri Giriraj Singh, Union State Minister (Independent) for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Hon. Justice S.N.Jha – Honourable Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court (retired), Hon. Justice – Shashank Kumar Singh – Honourable Justice of Patna High court and Bollywood Celebrities- Mr. Aditya Pancholi, Mrs. Zarina Wahab and Mrs. Anju Mehendru for voluntarily consuming the Herbal Drinks for different health issues. I am also very thankful and devoted to my Mother Mrs Pillamma for having given me certain important herbs, and moral support, my wife – Mrs. Sunitha Raju for giving enormous inputs for my research and introducing the Johanna Budwig theory on flax diet, my Father – Munilakkappa and son – Avinash S. Raju and R.K. Singh Senior Advocate Patna High Court for voluntarily agreeing to consume the herbal compounds to assist his health problem. The launching of the products in the Constitution Club, New Delhi on the 11th of October 2016 has been happened